Magellan Study Abroad language immersion programs foster a unique interest in international and cross-cultural communication, while allowing students to enjoy an amazing time abroad. Our programs are the perfect boost for students who are passionate about learning a foreign language. After all, learning a foreign language will not only play an important role in every student's future, it will help set him or her apart. This is one reason why Magellan Immersion programs are recommended by alumni, parents and teachers alike.




Learning a foreign language not only sets a student apart, it can play an important role in his or her future. Current language programs in high schools aren’t doing enough. In fact, out of the 93% of high schools in the country offering foreign language courses, less than one percent of American adults today are proficient in a foreign language they studied in a U.S. classroom.




Richard Brecht, the Executive Director of the University of Maryland’s Center for the Advanced Study of Language recently said, “It isn’t that people don’t think language education important. It’s that they don’t think it’s possible.” It is possible, and Magellan is here to prove it.


A recent study by Frontiers: the Interdisciplinary Journal of Study Abroad asked the question “How do student participants in short-term foreign language immersion programs actually benefit from the experience?”


The study found that 60 percent of first-time participants “suggested that the immersion experience enhanced their confidence in speaking the language and improved their vocabulary and oral proficiency.” Furthermore, participants showed notable improvement in reading, writing, and listening skills.





When it comes to learning a foreign language, Americans are behind. Speaking a second language can not only help you better understand a different culture, it can boost your employability. Furthermore, there are cognitive benefits to language learning. In fact, students that speak more than one language tend to perform better than their peers across all subjects.


So if our schools aren’t serving us in this area, what’s a parent to do? Having your son or daughter participate in a language immersion program is one of the best ways to put him or her on the fast track to not only learning a new language, but retaining it. Magellan’s mix of academic and activity-based learning environments help students learn both the proper usage and apply the language in real-world situations. The common element within all Magellan programs, which make them unique and successful, is the homestay experience. We take great care to provide the best homestay families for every program and every student.




Magellan provides a fun, safe environment where you can feel free to practice the language. Many times students of a new language are embarrassed to speak aloud. However, when you’re engaging in activities with native speakers abroad, you’ll want to join the conversation and participate in the fun! Magellan facilitates these opportunities daily, with afternoon excursions and activities, as well as free time to enjoy with your new friends.




The ultimate goal of learning a language in a classroom is to apply it in the real world. Teachers choose Magellan to share in that experience with their students. By allowing the world to become the classroom, teachers are able to share practical uses of the language and teach real-world vocabulary in an engaging environment. Returning student sharing their progress and improvement with their peers are the living proof that, the right study abroad program is a life changing experience.

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