100% Fun & 100% Included

Magellan programs are praised for the variety of activities and excursions organized for participants during their time abroad. All activities are included in the immersion program price. There is no need for each participant to individually budget the costs of “a la carte” activities. Classes, afternoon activities, free time and night outings are properly balanced with safety always at the forefront of all program planning and organization. Our program directors bring their expertise and listening to the needs of our participants, while enforcing rules for the safety of our teen participants. Interested in knowing why we don't serve some countries? Read here.


Participants rave about their time abroad because of their interaction with their host families. Each participant is able to experience daily some free time, after the scheduled activities with their roommate or with the new friends they make during their program. The all inclusive aspect is what makes Magellan Study Abroad programs unique. The dynamic of a group is valued more than anything else and we do not feel it is right to only make some excursions or activities available for a fee.


On this page see many photos and videos that make our immersion programs a feast for the curious mind.


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