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Ceramist, Gerardo, Introduces Magellan Students To Ceramics With A Spanish Flair

There is one place that is noteworthy to staff while directing Magellan immersion programs in Salamanca, Spain: Gerardo ceramics workshop. The art studio, with its colorful patio, is located within the city but seems far away from the noise and busy rhythm. It is a place where talent and creativity is within everyone’s reach. Our immersion program students are introduced to the basics of ceramics and able to begin creating artwork under the careful supervision of Gerardo who is always patient and has encouraging words for everyone. We’ve been listening to student feedback and have added more time at the workshop each year during program planning.


A great artist, Gerardo shares the rest of his time exploring new techniques and creating unique artwork. Having studied the history of ceramic making and the impact of ceramics in Spain for over 40 years, Gerardo has been sharing his skills with budding artists for the last 20 years. We find him to be the best ambassador of Spanish ceramics one could ask for. He is humble and caring with an incredible life story and although he specializes in teaching native students, Gerardo makes an exception for Magellan groups. Each year he exclaims, “I expect the summer to have a chance to impact Magellan participants’ lives with their unique creations.”


His classes have been voted “Favorite” by students for 8 consecutive years.  Classes are conducted entirely in Spanish; students are able to practice and improve language skills while learning art and creating precious gifts to bring back home. With 5 art sessions and a total of 15 hours we are proud to be the only immersion program that values the arts enough to include ceramics classes, of such a standard and quality, for all of our programs in Spain.Each session concludes with a typical snack and a freshly squeezed fruit juice prepared by Gerardo’s wife, Reyes, who is also a talented artist and ceramist. After 3 weeks in Salamanca and emotional goodbye follows the final souvenir picture with our favorite artist duo.

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