Magellan participants are dedicated students. They work hard in the classroom and when they have a goal in mind , they work hard to achieve it. We want to share real-life examples from Magellan alumni who went the extra mile to raise funds for their program.

Phelan B. - Summer 2012 Alumni

I used to dream about visiting Spain.  I knew it was what I wanted but my parents were always nervous about the financial part of it. From the start I knew I wanted to go with Magellan. Then it was time to figure out a way to ensure my spot on the trip.


I first talked to some family and expressed how serious I was about spending a month in Spain. I continued to work at a restaurant and save all tips while planning other ways to fundraise. We first invited some family and friends to a jewelry show where we took all of our profits and put it in the 'Spain Fund'. Then I began to ask people for things that they no longer wanted or were planning on donating, while also finding things that I could part with.


With this my parents and I got a spot at the swap meet and sold as much as possible. Even if we sold every t-shirt for a dollar it was still something. Through this process of fundraising every chance I got I was able to save up enough money to go to Spain. The trip was everything I wanted and being able to help pay my way made it so much more rewarding."

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