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Magellan Study Abroad is enrolling high school students nationwide for Summer 2018 language immersion programs.Through our unique immersion programs, with high safety and quality standards and impeccable program records, we continue to make study abroad immersion programs popular for American high school students across the country. Since 2006, our scholarship efforts have helped make the "best international experience before college" a reality for hundreds of teens soon-to-be citizens of the world! Whether you are considering taking AP classes in the coming years, are enrolled in an IB program, starting and enjoying a foreign language at school and wanting to learn at a faster pace, our programs are the perfect fit! There is no better age to learn a language than your high school years. Come and join us, be ready to embark in the most positively impacting and transforming summer experience a teen can dream of! Your next summer can start here and now!

TODO INCLUIDO (Spanish for: All-Inclusive)

If you’re ready to learn, travel, have fun, meet amazing new people and experience the summer of a lifetime, you’ve come to the right place. All of our immersion programs are the perfect balance of fun and academic. They allow our students to bond and make new friends while interacting and learning from each other. Our programs are a unique blend of fun and educational content. They offer a great combination of group activities and excursions, classes, cultural enrichment, and language immersion opportunities with local teens. Everyone enjoys all the fun at no additional cost! We are proud to offer all-inclusive programs and avoid tricky pricing where some students are left out of activities due to extra costs. Our participants won’t have to make any costly choices for afternoon or weekend activities and end up spending more than they had planned. We want all of our students to have fun while learning, which is why everyone is able to participate in all activities.

AUTENTICO (Spanish for: Authentic)

With programs in Spain, France, Italy, and China students interact with peers native to the foreign language. Magellan Study Abroad has developed a successful combination of activities that, when coupled with language classes, help students bridge the communication gap. American students quickly discover that in our "connected" world they have more things in common with their foreign peers. Magellan participants are offered many opportunities to foster friendships with pen pals and local students at their program destinations. Over the years, these activities have become an important feature that students preparing for their first language immersion program look forward to.

DIVERTISSANT (French for: Fun)

Magellan immersion programs feature unique activities that harmoniously fill afternoons after language classes. Excursions and travel in the destination country help expand the understanding of the foreign culture students are immersed in. The distinct break between study time and travel is marked in the final week of most programs, when the exclusive travel itinerary allows students to see more of the country and to utilize the skills they have learned, all in a comfortable and fun atmosphere. All of our activities are annually rated and reviewed by participants to make sure we only continue the best traditions. The range of activities is plentiful for both boys and girls. From cooking classes, afternoon soccer matches and dance lessons to ceramics workshops and outstanding excursions—there is always something for students to enjoy!

ACADÉMIQUE (French for: Academic)

Language immersion programs give students the opportunity to bridge the communication gap. At first, students may feel embarrassed to speak a language they are not completely fluent in. But as many speakers of multiple languages will confess, once moving beyond this initial stigma (which is usually self imposed) they begin to understand, comprehend, and communicate more clearly and effectively. All participants take a placement test before they depart and are assigned a language level and classroom size. This opportunity is perfect for students preparing to take an AP  exam. The AP exams require very strong listening-comprehension and speaking skills, and unfortunately these skills are not mastered with a classroom experience only. A homestay will allow students to acquire these important skills, in a non-threatening, fun and social setting. This experience can reflect positively when AP exams are taken and could even increase a students score. Additionally, our Spanish programs in Salamanca, Spain now offer the chance to earn college credits from one of the most respected Spanish universities.

SERENITA (Italian for: Peace of Mind)

All of our programs are run in medium sized cities where students can experience a genuinely safe time abroad. The choice of location positively impacts the quality of homestay families and interaction with locals. Magellan programs are 100% organized, supervised and operated by Magellan staff in order to avoid any hiccups. Our Executive Director, Program Coordinators, veteran teachers, and Magellan’s staff on location handcraft each program. All of our non-teaching staff in charge of our program activities abroad are U.S. based and undergo comprehensive background checks. For peace of mind, at the time of enrollment, participants are automatically enrolled in Cancellation and Travel insurance. Upon the return of each group, we take every inquiry and comment seriously and believe the satisfaction of each customer is essential to our existence. We take pride in continuing to interact with families after departure and throughout the programs with regularly updated travel blogs. Over the years this process has created a very large family of Magellan alumni that are highly satisfied by their experience, happy to refer us, and always ready to share how their Magellan immersion program positively impacted their lives.

SEGURO (Spanish for: Confident)

If our programs haven’t been mentioned at school by your language teacher or counselor and you are on your own navigating multiple study abroad options, make sure to consider the individual factors that set programs apart from one another. Many companies have recently started to offer what seems to be a similar product: study abroad programs for teens. Aside from the length of the program, it is important to distinguish the most important features of different programs, especially those that will impact your wallet. We suggest you visit Immersion 101 to view all of the important factors you should keep in mind in order to make an informed decision.


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