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Italia Bella: Visiting Italy On Your Own

Traveling to Rome in every season can be pleasant. August being the only exception, with hot and somewhat stormy weather. When traveling to Rome at least 4 days are necessary. You'll get the pulse of the city and be able to visit major monuments.


When it comes to eating head into smaller neighborhoods. Asking locals at the markets or finding  where office employees are taking their lunch break can help too. Every trip in a European capital is a chance for our staff to scout for genuine places with a great cuisine. Europeans take their meals with pride and we do too for our personal trips and school groups. We have recently found a gem in the heat of the Italian capital. It is LA VIE and it's at 23 Via Tomacelli, Rome, Italy.


If you have the time, consider heading out of the city for one day. You can take a suburban train to the little towns and villages with a complete different pace of life. Amaze yourself with the variety of taste and culture available in Italy. Trevignano Romano along the shores of Bracciano lake is the perfect gem for a day out of the buzzing capital. Above all, remember to make your own Dolce Vitta and enjoy every moment of it!

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