2018 Magellan Summer Immersion Programs

Magellan features unique content, destinations and activities for our teen travelers. We are the only American based teen study abroad company exploring the beautiful Galicia region of Spain. Showing teens the natural wonders and history during the most exciting time of the year: Fiestas del Apostol, local celebrations for St. James. In Italy and Spain we're introducing our teen travelers to the unparalleled and mesmerizing beauty of two spectacularly different sides of the Mediterranean coast, with strong traditions, amazing culinary heritage, all in exceptionally natural settings. In France we have used our same high standards to select the gem of the southwestern coast, the upscale resort of Biarritz. This elegant resort town was once the favorite getaway of European royalty and aristocracy. Biarritz is the perfect place to live the French experience to the fullest. In China, Beijing will deliver an amazing mix of urban buzz with incredibly fun art workshops and excursions. Time will fly while you are abroad enjoying your homestay family and activities, making new friends and realizing that learning a language goes far beyond the classroom setting.


One of the most important aspects of Magellan Study Abroad language immersion programs is the homestay. All Magellan programs include a homestay, providing the most immersive and beneficial experience for our teen language students. Instead of participants living in dorms or residence halls, which essentially become English-speaking bubbles, each of our programs provide our students with quality time in a caring family. The time spent with the homestay family not only allows for bonds to be formed, but compliments the language skills learned in the classroom and introduces real-life conversation scenarios. All language educators agree that a successful homestay based program is essential to improvement and learning. A summer language immersion is a decisive step before AP exams or navigating the rigorous IB curriculum. It is the best opportunity for all students looking to make a difference and improve dramatically their language skills. Whatever the language you study or the destinations you choose, you can rest assure that Magellan Study Abroad always offers the best to demanding and curious teens. Here is our summer 2018 offer, we are confident you will find the immersion experience that will suit you best!

Why is Magellan Study Abroad not operating any immersion program in Central or South America?
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Ready to expand your horizons? It's time to find a balanced way to celebrate your accomplishments while seeing the world. Magellan Study Abroad provides exceptional language immersion experiences for teens like you. These programs are adapted to your age group and maturity level, providing more freedom and independence while still in a safe environment.


We proudly feature two destinations in Europe with safe environments and in naturally beautiful settings offering countless opportunities: Denia (Spain) and Biarritz (France). These two amazing cities are the ideal places in Europe to improve your language skills while discovering new parts of the globe. You’ll make new friends while being cared for in a great homestay family. Learning and fun is guaranteed! Your independence will begin at the airport, as Magellan does not offer chaperoned flights for Solo participants, you will travel individually from the Continental US and benefit from our complimentary “Meet & Greet” service at the Valencia or Paris airports upon arrival. An orientation day with Magellan staff is included in your enrollment at no extra cost. Our helpful on-site staff be your first contact in Europe to welcome and assist you before you begin to enjoy the independence that only a Magellan Solo program can offer.




In China we’ve adopted the same approach as our other Solo destinations in Europe: caring homestay families, ideal student to teacher ratio, amazing learning environment, and all-inclusive activities and excursions both on weekdays and on weekends. This program fits Magellan’s traditional standards of quality and excellence. Living space is often a challenge for many Chinese families but, we believe that any successful immersion program starts with a successful homestay experience no matter the country. That’s why Magellan Solo in Beijing avoids the campus facilities outside of the city, and doesn’t feature any dorm accommodations (which is the norm among all other programs). We worked twice as hard to make sure that all Magellan participants will be staying with families genuinely interested and dedicated to doing their best to help students absorb a new culture and feel supported during their stay.


Magellan does not offer chaperoned flights for Solo participants. You will travel individually from the Continental US and benefit from our complimentary “Meet & Greet” service at Beijing airport upon arrival. Two orientation days are included in your enrollment at no extra cost. Let our helpful on-site staff be your first contact in China and welcome and assist you before you enjoy the independence that only a Magellan Solo program can offer.


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