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2014 Scholarship Campaign
& Contest Wrap-up

     This blog entry brings us to the end of our annual scholarship program for school year 2013-2014! Magellan is proud to have dedicated so much effort to reward motivated students all over the country over the last 8 months. In California our efforts traditionally culminate with the award ceremonies of Escribo en Español, a literary contest we sponsor along with the Education Office of the Spanish Embassy and with the Department of Education. Our Executive Director, Christophe Chabaudie, spoke at events in Northern and Southern California during the last week. He was happy to present the grand prize winner, Dahlia from LACES School, with a scholarship to study abroad in Spain this summer. Magellan Study Abroad scholarship recipients from past years were also present and shared their experience as well.


     Magellan Study Abroad is excited to welcome the next generation of students who have a chance, this summer, to benefit from a study abroad experience during their high school years! If you want to make a difference, are considering a language immersion program, or want more information regarding the Magellan Scholarship Program, make sure to write to us at We will send all the information for the 2014-2015 Magellan Scholarship Program as soon it is available.


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