World language teaching is currently facing an incredible challenge in the American school system, as pressures mount to raise student performance in core subject areas.  World languages in many public schools are no longer considered a priority in the face of marginal standardized test scores on achievement and college entrance exams. While teachers do their best to grow their programs and tout the benefits of foreign language studies, many teens don't fully understand the extraordinary potential that speaking a second language fluently can offer. The benefits are enormous when entering college or when entering the work force upon graduation.


One of the motivators for world language study that teachers realize provides a sure way to maintain excitement and enrollment levels is travel. Unlike colleagues who teach Math or Biology, they can suggest opportunities and encourage students to spend time in a place where they are immersed in the language they study. Students who participate in language immersion programs have the potential to energize the classroom. The World Language teachers we have worked with praise our professionalism and the consistency of the quality immersion programs we offer. Students returning in the Fall bring home the benefits of  experience abroad. Strong participation in overseas immersion programs translates to higher enrollments in advanced language courses back home. Additionally, our scholarship program has opened a world of opportunities for students willing to make a positive change before college.

MEET SEÑORA DAVIS FROM WISCONSIN: A 21-year veteran of World Language instruction Barbara teaches Spanish level IV and Spanish for Heritage Learners at Madison East High School in Wisconsin and is a longtime friend of Magellan Study Abroad. She recommends Magellan programs for individual enrollment to her highly motivated students who are ready for a study abroad experience. Barbara has traveled and lived abroad and uses different ways to introduce the language immersion concept to her students. Generating genuine excitement from them in the process. “Teachers do not only grade, they are here to inspire students”. Barbara always makes sure to ignite that spark of curiosity to study abroad that will resonate for years to come.

The Magellan Outreach: Once a year we share with schools we know classroom material and other study abroad news such as essential scholarship information for your students. Not on the list? If you would like to be added and receive a classroom poster, click here to submit your request. Make sure to mention the level of the language you teach. We’re proud to have and continue to build a meaningful network of schools who come from teachers, students, parents, and professional recommendations, don’t be left out.


We don’t flood your mailbox with tons of printed material (we care for the earth and respect your time) or offer you “points” or a “teacher loyalty program” or cash money for referrals (this goes against our ethics). Language teachers recommend our programs for their academic value, integrity, and reputation. Our largest effort goes towards our very generous scholarship program. Over the years it has changed lives, allowing students from all horizons to have access to our language immersion programs.


We are happy to welcome you into the Magellan family of language teachers supporting high school study abroad and wish you a great school year.






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